Tim Funnell in Reframed (2016). Photography: Joanna Akyol.

The Aubrey & Marla Dan Fund For New Musicals

The Aubrey and Marla Dan Fund for New Musicals is the first ever fund exclusively for the commissioning of new Canadian musical works. The fund offers financial and dramaturgical support to creators in developing new musicals. Ideas that exemplify the most potential will be awarded an $8,000 commission from The Musical Stage Company and a reading or workshop of a draft.

The Musical Stage Company is committed to the development and production of new Canadian musical works. As such, projects may be offered additional development or production opportunities upon completion of the commission.

Eligibility & Commission Terms


The fund is available on a project-by-project basis to individual musical theatre creators, teams of musical theatre creators, and theatre creation collectives.

Commission Terms

Commission agreements will include first right of refusal for a first production, and nominal share of proceeds from successful work in line with industry standards.


Submission Streams

The fund is granted through one of two streams: (a) Invitation to Submit; and (b) Call for Submissions / Presentations.

(a) Invitations to Submit

The Musical Stage Company may grant commission funding to projects after inviting the writers to submit a proposal at any time of the year.

(b) Call for Submissions

An open Call for Submissions shall be announced in mid-March of each calendar year.

1.Expression of Interest

Expressions of interest shall be due in mid-May of each calendar year, and shall comprise of:

  • Tell us about your project (maximum one page, single-spaced)
    • What’s it about?
    • What do you need developmentally?
    • Why is it a fit for The Musical Stage Company?
    • List any existing developmental partners (maximum two sentences)
  • Two audio mp3 samples either from the submitted work or from a previous work by the creator(s)

Submission dates for 2018 will be available made available in November 2017.

The Charlottetown Festival and The Musical Stage Company have coordinated to assist any writers applying for funding from both Charlottetown’s Commissioning Program and The Musical Stage Company’s Aubrey & Marla Dan Fund for New Musicals. Any writing teams who submit a project to both programs and are selected for an in-person presentation by both organizations will be able to present to both companies in a single joint session.

2. Presentations

Works shall be selected from the Expressions of Interest for in-person Presentations. Creators will be notified of their selection by early June.

Presentations shall take place on one day in mid-to-late July. Each work will be allocated a forty-five (45) minute timeslot. During this time, creators shall offer an informal, 30-minute presentation to The Musical Stage Company. The presentation may be in whatever manner creators deem most helpful. It is recommended that each presentation include: a synopsis, excerpts of scenes, and at least two songs (one of which is from the project). The presentation will be followed by 15 minutes of questions.

A piano will be provided in the room. Creators are responsible for assembling any resources they require for their presentation.

Because the commissions will be awarded through either the “Invitation to Submit” or “Call for Proposals” process, funding decisions will be made on a rolling basis. Both of these processes are intended to familiarize The Musical Stage Company with worthy projects to consider for immediate or future funding. As such, funding decisions may not be immediate and further follow up may be required. However, feedback from the Presentations will be available in written form immediately if requested.  



Submission dates for 2018 will be available made available in November 2017.



For any questions about the Aubrey & Marla Dan Fund for New Musicals, please email our Production Coordinator, Robyn, at robyn@musicalstagecompany.com 

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