Month: October 2012

Out There – 50 Shades of Grey: The Musical

I can see it now. A woman in handcuffs belting about the trials and tribulations of love, as her lover-to-be blindfolds her and gets out his whip. Then, perhaps, a lovely contrapuntal ballad in which the two express their desire for each other while harkening back to their mutually unhappy childhoods. And finally, an alternately airy and driving tenor showstopper from the man about unexpected fulfillment in the strangest of places and the oddest of ways. Ladies and gentlemen: Spank! Or, 50 Shades of Grey: The Musical.

There’s a long history of musicals which are based on books, beginning way back with half of Oscar and Hammerstein’s oeuvre. It makes sense of course: musicals can express emotions, pining and thoughts in the way simple spoken text can’t. What better way to adapt a book (and all it’s intertextuality) than by turning it into a musical? A movie will give the audience the over-layers, but a musical will turn all of that subtext into sublime sung-text.

Of course, there’s a certain amount of financial consideration going into producing a musical version of an international bestseller. I could again launch into an analysis about the dialectic of art for art v.s art for fiscal return, but I won’t. Because, ultimately, I think that Spank! could be a thoroughly exciting musical. After all, most of the great musicals involve some kind of camp, and what’s campier than a trashy erotic novel geared to middle aged housewives?


Craigslist Ad of the Week — Evil Cat

Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata runs from Jan 30 – Mar 3, 2013 at the Factory Studio Theatre. Tickets are now on sale, or visit our website for more info.

More Than Friends Triple Threat

Today we have a very special triple Triple Threat ! In honour of their upcoming Cause We’re More Than Friends Cabaret on Oct 23, we’ve sat down with Colleen Dauncey, a delightful up and coming music theatre composer and member of Petty Victories, Nathan Carroll, an emerging Toronto based cabaret artist and performer and Acting Up Stage stalwart Thomas Swayne, actor and music theatre producer. Cause We’re More Than Friends is a celebration of camraderie through choruses and break out showtune hits.

What musical will you always remember for its choreography/dancing?

NathanUrinetown, for its endless energy, and a moment I’ll never forget, when someone goes behind the piss-stained wall, and appears to be pulled by their head and feet—stretched out to both sides of the wall. Theatre magic.
Colleen: A Chorus Line, my mom took me to see it as a kid and it’s what made me want to dance… and wear lots of spandex (which I did, in the early 90s).
Thomas: Definitely Newsies! It was one of the first movies that made dancing cool for boys…and now it’s on stage!  Watching them all jump, flip, and leap on stage was incredible…I should take more dance class. More

Steven Gallagher’s Triple Threat

Steven Gallagher is a Toronto based actor and performer who has had a long and illustrious career playing a variety of roles in all forms of theatre. He has performed in various Acting Up Stage productions, most notably as Gordon in A New Brain.

What musical will you always remember for its choreography/dancing?

Jelly’s Last Jam starring Gregory Hines was like nothing I had ever seen, the choreography was seamlessly interwoven with the story. I could not get over how he moved. More

The Year of The Child – Babies on Board

To post or not to post? That is the question.

I have never liked Facebook. I find it all a little too public – people are constantly updating where they are, and who they are with. I have used it many times to spy on people – has someone who hasn’t returned an email actually been online since I sent it? Did that person from high school ever actually come out? Were rumours of their divorce actually true?

I like Facebook for one thing: theatre promotion. I like reading what shows people are doing, I like to see all of the amateur reviews that people post in their statuses, and – most of all – I like to watch information about our performances go viral (at least on my network) when we have a show running.

So that was my relationship with Facebook – purely professional; a promotional tool at best. And then came babies… More