Month: December 2012

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A Craigslist Cabaret Contest – Bree Grieg

Here’s Bree Grieg performing a song from Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata. Record your own, and not only can you headline our very special Craigslist Cabaret (after A Craigslist Cantata) on February 13, but you also get to be Jennifer Walls’s very own special guest at SINGular Sensation. For more information and the complete prize package – including 8 tickets to Acting Up Stage and Factory productions – click here


The Year of The Child – Food, Difficult Food

I seem to be on a blogging kick about eating. Perhaps it’s because feeding babies consumes 6-10 hours of my day on most days.

Our daughter has infant reflux. This is something we figured out when she was a few weeks old. She would be eating her bottle and suddenly cry out in pain, arching her back and refusing to eat anymore. Reflux is a digestive disorder where some of the food flows back up, burning the esophagus. I imagine it hurts babies very much and creates some very ‘not positive’ eating experiences.

I love my children. Very much. But being a parent of a reflux baby is difficult. More