Month: January 2013

The Year of The Child – Parenting 2013 Style

Happy new year everyone!

Great news — our kids survived their first trip abroad.

Mexico was pretty amazing. It had all of the things you would expect from a week long beach vacation with all of the nachos and margaritas that you can consume. The kids loved the water, loved the sand, and mostly loved watching the bartender use the blender while dancing on the bar to “Gangnam Style”. I am hoping that table top dancing in a bar isn’t a passion that they continue  into their futures.

The biggest “parental” part of the vacation was definitely the flight. After years of watching other parents look mortified as their babies cry for hours, I was terrified to see how we would fare. With twins, we had twice the chance of disaster. Great news — other than a few tears on the ascent and descent, I would say that our babies won the “best behaved” award on the plane to Mexico. I have never appreciated other crying babies on a flight so much. Each loud shriek coming from someone else’s kid made me feel like a more accomplished parent and I kept wanting to shout out “that’s totally not either of ours!!!”

The trip home had slightly more drama. We arrived at the airport 3 hours before our flight only to realize that we were going to be delayed 3 hours. That meant 6 glorious hours in the Cancun airport. Through this adventure, I realized that basis don’t really care where they are. They were perhaps more engaged in the airport than they were at the resort. Over 6 hours we shook every maraca that we could find in the tacky shops and discovered that duty free silk sarongs make for great games of Peekaboo. 

Next year, Christmas vacation at Pearson. Well saves a bundle and make our kids just as happy.