Month: February 2013

The Year of The Child – 9 to 5

This is it folks. It’s my last blog, written from home while on parental leave. (The blog will keep going, but I’ll be back in the office as of next week). 24 weeks of parental leave fully complete. The nanny is lined-up and ready to go, and I return to my regular office duties on Tuesday.

It’s pretty great that we live in a country with parental leave benefits that can be used by either parent. But the allocation of this benefit is a bit odd. More

MT Scavenger Hunt: Title of Show

Musicals come and musicals go, but few off-Broadway musicals have become such an integral part of the canon as Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen’s [title of show]. This show-within-a-show features (META ALERT!) struggling writers Hunter and Jeff as they face the New York Musical Theatre Festival deadline and decide to take a risk and write an original musical in only three weeks. So, in the true spirit of behind the scenes musicals, we sent director Bianca Heuvelmans on an MT Scavenger Hunt in anticipation of the Lower Ossington Theatre’s production of this unforgettable piece.  More

Banks Vlog #9 – Next time on…

Only 1 Week until Banks Prize Showcase: Canada’s Next Top Token and Alexis and Andres are hard at work!

BroadwayWorld Toronto takes on the entire cast of Craigslist

Kelly Cameron interviews the cast of A Craigslist Cantata and director Amiel Gladstone. For a hearty laugh, check out Dmitry Chepovetsky’s Craigslist ad for the show at the end of the article. 

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In Toronto Magazine interviews Bill Richardson

Gordon Bowness and Bill Richardson discuss the existential undercurrents and racy overtones of A Craigslist Cantata

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