Month: June 2013

Out There – Lost in Transylvania

I’ve seen a lot of theatre in Berlin and, on the whole, it has been terrifically inspiring. As I mentioned in my last post, all German theatre combines music, movement and, often, spectacle to wondrous bedazzlement. Though at times the language has proved to be a barrier, I’ve continually found inspiration in the direction of each play with its immense concentration on style and aesthetic.

But there’s nothing like coming home to your true love to make you realize what you’ve been missing. More

The Year of The Child – Final Baby Blog


Well folks, this is it. My final “Year Of The Child Blog”.

When we started “Musical Notes” this year, our Associate Producer of Audience Engagement suggested that my weekly column be about the babies, offering a modern perspective on some of the themes in Falsettos. But as the season comes to an end, we decided to use the 1 year birthday of the babies as the final blog entry on this topic. And – while it’s very hard to believe – the babies turn 1 this week (June 13). Talk about a game changing year. More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – 2013 Tony Awards Performances


Another Tony Awards have come and gone…and last night’s telecast was pretty good!  A night with a wonderful host (I stand corrected…he was great this year), some super duper performances (Pippin, Matilda), some head scratchers (Rascals tribute? What was that?), and some super weird speeches (Cicely Tyson). Check out below for my reviews on all the performances of the evening from worst to best! More

Kander and Ebb Playlist (According to Rielle)

Kander and Ebb

Rielle Braid is a Toronto actress and writer, and just completed a successful cross-Canada tour of the Dora award winning musical hit Ride the Cyclone. Her first play, Boygirl, premiered at the Victoria Fringe Festival four years ago. Her upcoming Cabaret, A Casual Cabaret with Rielle Braid is June 18th, at the upstairs cabaret space at Theatre Passé Muraille (click here for details). It will feature fellow actors from Ride the Cyclone, and original written material by Rielle.

Singer songwriter teams are so wonderful. The very notion that two artists have found a part of their soul in the other is so incredibly special. So specific. What one lacks, the other provides. The trust, the vulnerability, the honesty. It’s everything art should be. I like to imagine when these teams find each other, they can physically feel a change in themselves, almost like they found a twin. More

The Year of The Child – Sick Day

Last week I got sick. Not like ‘sniffle-sniffle’ sick. Like ‘I’m-down-for-the-count’ sick. While I do get a lot of colds (presumably from not ‘taking it easy’ often enough), I am a pretty strong patient. I never miss work. I never cancel meetings. I just plow through (sometimes to the dismay of the person I am meeting with who I am sneezing on). Not this time. More