Author: Victoria Barber

A Summer in the City

We are thrilled to welcome Victoria Barber to our organization as our Intern Producer. She will be a regular contributor to “Musical Notes” as she shares her experiences with Acting Up Stage.

I was going to work in the arts, one way or another.

I started my musical journey as a young performer at Original Kids in my hometown of London, Ontario.  Throughout my 13 years at Original Kids I took the stage as a performer, stage manager, choreographer, and director.  After completing my B.A. from Western University I was at a crossroads, trying to determine where I would land next.  All I knew was that I was going to move to Toronto and let my love of musical theatre guide me.
I was accepted into an Arts Management Post-Graduate degree from Western and, while Toronto was calling my name, I knew this was the smart choice. More

People, Places, and Things in Ballad of the Burning Star

Opening night is just around the corner for Ballad of the Burning Star,

Running May 19-24 at the Theatre Center, 1115 Queen St. West.
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This is a fast-paced production depicting stories of those affected in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Stay ahead of the game, and check out our Ballad of the Burning Star study guide.


What to Expect from Ballad of the Burning Star

With opening night just around the corner, the city is about to be taken by storm with music, dance, drag, and passion – and no we don’t mean Kinky Boots! (But we’re excited about that too – it’s starring Banks Prize winner Graham Scott Fleming and past stars of The Wild Party, David Lopez and Lisa Horner!)

Join us for the North American premiere of Ballad of the Burning Star, an explosive musical from the UK-based powerhouse theatre company Theatre Ad Infinitum

To get an idea of what you’re in for, check out the show’s trailer below. More