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Meet the Gay Dad Project – Interview #1

We were so lucky to have e-met Amie of the Gay Dad Project back in the Fall – a recently founded interactive hub for gay fathers and their children. Through open and respectful dialogue they hope to give visibility to families and create a safe space for conversation. As part of our ongoing partnership with them in conjunction with Falsettos, all four of the founders – Amie and Pete, and Erin and Larry – sat down to answer our questions based on their own personal experience vis-a-vis Marvin’s journey in the musical. Here are Amie and Pete, and tune in next week for Erin and Larry’s video!

You can find out more about the Gay Dad Project on their website, including their inspiring kickstarter campaign towards the making of a documentary on the subject. You can also meet Amie and Pete when they host one of the Choose Your Own Adventure Post Show Chats after the May 7 performance of Falsettos. 

Finn Fridays – Programs of the Past

As we get into high gear for our upcoming production of Falsettos, take a trip with us through William Finn’s Songbook every Friday. 

Join us for a trip down memory lane this Friday, as we present you to you three different programs from productions of Falsettos: The original Broadway production, and two Toronto productions from the 90s! Click on each of the covers to see the full program. 


Darrin Baker’s Triple Threat

You know who we love? Darrin Baker. Darrin’s career has taken him from Broadway (Tarzan) to TV (Law and Order) and back to Toronto, most recently in Mirvish’s Ghost Stories. Despite an extensive career across North American stages and screens, we’ve got to say we were most excited to discover that Darrin provided the voice for Hardtop on possibly the best Saturday morning cartoon ever made: C.O.P.S. Darrin stars as Mendel, the neurotic psychiatrist trying to mitigate all the characters’ drama in our upcoming production of Falsettos

What musical will you always remember for its score?

That’s such a tough question because there are so many that have had such an impact on me, but Ragtime is certainly a top contender. Truly an amazing score!!

You’re on a desert island and you can only bring on cast recording. What is it and why?

Once on this Island (not really but I couldn’t resist). Sorry I can’t take just one…so I am sneaking two! Dreamgirls and Golden Boy. Over the years I seem to go back to them over and over. Both scores move me for very different reasons and both musicals changed my life. I love to sing along with both scores and imagine that would come in handy stranded on an island. More

The Year of The Child – Welcome to Falsettoland

We are one week away from starting rehearsals for Falsettos!

One of our amazing board members saved programmes from the original Toronto run of March of the Falsettos (Stage Direction Theatrical Productions, 1983), Falsettos (Followspot Theatre, 1995) and the original Broadway run of Falsettos 1992). Flipping through these programmes offers such a rich history! [Stay tuned for Finn Fridays this week, in which you’ll be able to have a look at these programs yourself!] 

Interesting tidbits: 

  • March of the Falsettos (which was presented at what is now the Berkeley Street Theatre) was the first time the “Fairlight CMI and Synthesizer” was used in a theatrical application. The instrument was able to play up to 8 instruments at one time. How wonderfully innovative the synthesizer must have been then, and now – 30 years later – we are cutting the synthesizer from our orchestration to ensure the richness of real instruments. More

Stephen Patterson’s Triple Threat

Stephen Patterson, last seen at Stratford playing that lovable mutt Snoopy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, has had a long and illustrious career on the international musical theatre stage. He has played Marius in Les Miserables on Broadway, Laurie in the international tour of Little Women and many roles in Toronto and Stratford, including Bobby in the Canadian Premiere of Urinetown. Stephen stars as Marvin, the confused husband, father and lover at the forefront of our upcoming production of Falsettos

What musical will you always remember for its music?

I was fortunate enough to play Marius [in Les Miserables] on Broadway and on the road for a few years. That score still moves me today as it did then. Even with all the buzz with the new movie ( good and bad) it doesn’t get old. One of the greatest in my opinion.

You’re on a desert island and you can only bring on cast recording. What is it and why?

Urinetown. This was one of those shows that brings back all the reasons I wanted to be in this business. If I was alone on an island I’m sure the Toronto cast would find a way to get there!! It’s funny, every so often a cast member will post something on Facebook and within seconds someone is chiming in with fond memories of our time with that show. It was an important time in my career so I guess I would want to keep those memories with me……on the island……Is there a cd player or an mp3 player on this island? [Eds note: Sure Stephen, in the hypothetical scenario wherein the foremost of your Island worries is what cast recording you’d be listening to there can be a CD player] More