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Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Damn Yankees

There is nothing I love better than a crazy high energy dance number. So for this week’s performance, I choose the 1994 Broadway Revival of Damn Yankees. More

Stephen Sondheim Playlist (according to Kelly)

Kelly Cameron is a freelance journalist, theatre nerd, film geek and red headed snippet. She loves Canadian musical theatre and believes that we have some of the best of the best in the great city of Toronto. When not trumpeting our triple threats or singing showtunes, you can find her tending to her alter ego which involves dabbling in the financial sector.

Choosing my five favourite Sondheim songs was incredibly difficult, mainly because there are so many that I love for such varied and complex reasons. I think that’s what makes him my favourite composer – choosing a favourite has always been an impossible task. At any given moment I could easily rattle off five favourite Sondheim tunes and they would always be different, which is one of my greatest joys. So I present you my five favourite Sondheim songs—for right now… More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Caroline, or Change

In the world we live in today, a recorded Broadway performance is only a few mouse clicks away on YouTube. Prior to this, we only had one opportunity a year to get an inside look into the world of Broadway: The Tony Awards. That one special time of the year when people from around the world could experience Broadway theatre for the first (and sometimes only) time in their life. While the hardcore fans love to predict and guess the winners of the awards, many of us watch for one reason only: the performances! More

Out There – Does anybody really notice?

There’s been quite a bit of discussion in Toronto lately about regular theatre-goers, and where they’ve headed off to. Even the most well-reviewed shows in town (Falsettos being one of them) haven’t managed to attract the kinds of crowds they used to. Brendan Healy’s recent note on Arigato, Tokyo, which I wrote about here, expresses the theatre community’s confusion far better than I ever could.

So how do we get audiences in? On Ken Davenport’s blog, he’s spoken often of building a brand image for Broadway outside the Great White Way – increasing visibility in other mediums so that people are wont to see a play because they they’ve been exposed to the industry through TV, in the movies, on their iPad, etc. Unfortunately, the most direct representation of the showtune mecca in mass entertainment was the recently axed Smash, a TV musical drama which serialized the building of a Broadway show.

I can’t say I ever particularly liked Smash. More

Out There – Who Cares, So What?

Last week, Roundabout announced a part of their 2013-2014 season: a revival of Kander and Ebb’s Cabaret, starring – and we were just as shocked as you were – Alan Cumming. Yep, the same nightcrawling, spice managing, currently knife hallucinating, Alan Cumming who rose to fame by baring his behind and earning himself a Tony Award in the process in another Roundabout production back in 1998. Wait – make that another Roundabout production of the very same show set to be revived next season. Alan Cumming as the Emcee: Take Two. More