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Artistic Director Mitchell Marcus chronicles his journey of raising a non-traditional family (with husband Orrin) as it relates to the non-traditional family in Falsettos (Apr 23 – May 12, 2013). Check back every week to see how he balances raising a company and raising two new born twins.

The Year of The Child – Our Story Goes On

Last week I had the chance to attend the Paprika Festival. I’m honoured to have been chosen as the “Leading Supporter” of this year’s festival. I’m a big fan of what they do. A festival of plays written by artists under 21, performed by artists under 21, directed by artists under 21. It’s a really amazing place to find the talent of tomorrow, and they offer everything to their participants for free year after year for the last 12 years.

Both plays I saw were outstanding. But one of them hit particularly close to home. More

The Year of The Child – Join us, come and waste an hour or two

Here’s something I didn’t know until I became a parent: our city is filled with amazing family drop-in centres! For those of you (like me) who don’t know what a drop-in centre is, they are giant indoor playgrounds for kids. The drop-in centre near our house has two floors filled with toys, books, puzzles, painting, train sets, etc. etc. There are two full-time staff there to help facilitate playing and they serve lunch for $5.

Did I mention that it is FREE? So in the Winter months, when it’s too cold to go play in the park with neighbourhood children, we head over to our local drop-in centre and enjoy all of the same perks indoors.

There is one drawback.

Within a few days of visiting, sometimes my kids come down with colds. Since we have a nanny, we haven’t experienced the slew of illnesses that most kids pick up at daycare. So our drop-in centre – while amazing – tends to be our kids’ most substantial exposure to germs. And when you watch one kid with a runny nose put a toy in their mouth and then you watch your own kid pick it up and lick it, you sort of know what is going to happen.

So before the weather turns nice and we all head outdoors, I want to say thank you to Ontario’s drop-in centres. Thank you for being free. Thank you for entertaining my kids all Winter. And I forgive you for the occasional nasty cold that you sent home with our children.


The Year of The Child – A Person Can Develop a Pulled Elbow

A few weeks ago we were at playgroup. My son had just learned to sit unassisted and was playing on the carpet. He was still a bit wobbly, so when he fell onto his back (thankfully with a pillow behind him to catch him), I pulled him back up into sitting position by his arms (something I had done a million times).

Suddenly I heard a crack. And then he wouldn’t stop crying.

I assumed he was maybe just tired. Or hungry. I gave him food. He had a nap. Then I realized that he wasn’t using his left hand.

I rushed him to the doctor. The doctor took one look at him-

“Pulled elbow.” More

The Year of The Child – Welcome to Falsettoland

We are one week away from starting rehearsals for Falsettos!

One of our amazing board members saved programmes from the original Toronto run of March of the Falsettos (Stage Direction Theatrical Productions, 1983), Falsettos (Followspot Theatre, 1995) and the original Broadway run of Falsettos 1992). Flipping through these programmes offers such a rich history! [Stay tuned for Finn Fridays this week, in which you’ll be able to have a look at these programs yourself!] 

Interesting tidbits: 

  • March of the Falsettos (which was presented at what is now the Berkeley Street Theatre) was the first time the “Fairlight CMI and Synthesizer” was used in a theatrical application. The instrument was able to play up to 8 instruments at one time. How wonderfully innovative the synthesizer must have been then, and now – 30 years later – we are cutting the synthesizer from our orchestration to ensure the richness of real instruments. More

The Year of The Child – NYC, What is it about you?

I did something that I hadn’t done for 8.5 months – I spent an overnight away from the kids (3 in fact). I went to New York this past weekend and didn’t see the kids from Thursday night when I put them to bed until Monday morning.

It was – to my surprise – kind of nice! Don’t get me wrong, I cried when I put them to bed on Thursday thinking of how much I’d miss them. But once I was in New York, I quickly reverted back to my “pre-kids” self and enjoyed a little bit of solo time.

Here are the 5 things I most enjoyed of traveling without my kids: More