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We bring you into the world of the Tony Awards as we adulates, critiques and revels in past performances. Check in on Tuesday’s to see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Grease

I love Grease. I played Danny Zuko in my school production, I always watch it when I see it on TV, and I get a joy out of seeing it on stage no matter how good or bad it is.


Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Spring Awakening

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to see Spring Awakening in New York during its original Broadway run but when the show went on tour I made sure to get a ticket at its stop in Toronto.  Being a student at the time, I purchased the cheapest ticket available which put me in the last row of the Canon (now Ed Mirvish) theatre.  For a show that embraced intimacy with the audience, I felt very disconnected being so far back and was not looking forward to seeing the show at the distance I was. In a lucky turn of events, two people who bought stage seats (as seen in the video, the show’s design included bleacher setting on either side of the stage) did not show up in time and the ushers reached out to the sad folk in the last row to replace them.  After literally running through the theatre onto the stage in about three minutes, the lights came down and the show began.  More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Promises Promises

After a two month hiatus, Thomas Tony Tuesdays is back!

To celebrate its triumphant return, I have decided to reach deep into the wonderful world of Tony performances and bring out one of the most fantastic holiday themed numbers ever performed.

What time is it? IT’S TURKEY LURKEY TIME! More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Newsies

While Thomas is on leave for the next few weeks, Nathaniel will be sharing with you his favorite Tony moments.

Whether you grew up with the film, or was a neophyte like me coming onboard back in 2012, there’s no question that Newsies is the ultimate Disney musical, the perfect-for-families musical with a heart of gold and dancing to rival Chita Rivera. With some choreographic nods to Jerome Robbins, there’s a vibrant energy flying through the dance moves and nothing captures it more than this Tony performance. Not forsaking the heart Christian Bale and Co. brought to the film, the producers decided to present songs which the audience would immediately recognize (with all the original lyrics in tact). With Jeremy Jordan given the modest opportunity off the top to demonstrate why he earned a Tony nod, and Gattelli’s choreography given full stage in the second half, this performance is a perfect example of the producing edge of presenting to millions of people meeting the artistic rewards instigated by the accolades coming together for a soul riveting snapshot of a show. No questions about, Newsies is a commercial musical set to entertain, but entertain it does and in the process seizes the day. 

Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Wicked

While Thomas is on leave for the next few weeks, Nathaniel will be sharing with you his favorite Tony moments.

Musical theatre moments which just can’t be beat, and have already been covered by Thomas:

3. Michael Jeter’s Gumbi moves in Grand Hotel

2. Patti’s jaw-dropping, heartbreaking and traditionally consonantless Rose

But I was shocked, dismayed and positively delighted that he had yet to tackle one of the most memorable Tony moments ever. Right before she won Best Leading Actress in a musical, before the show would go on to play for (as of now) 10 straight years and before Kristin Chenoweth would become some strange plastic surgery laden cyborg, Idina grabbed her broom and invited us all to defy gravity with her.

Is it her green makeup? Her signature riff? The mounting of the broom, rising into the sky, cape consuming the stage and flooding of green light? Or is it the musical structure (because we all know it ain’t the lyrics)? Whatever it is, when Elphaba gets on and flies during the final chorus, my heart opens, my spine tingles and my eyes well up – there are few moments in the history of the genre which, largely due to their spectacular staging, access moments of such genuine emotion. But more so, the glory of this Tony telecast is that you can see every movement of Idina’s jaw, every squinch and glance in her eyes, every single moment which she actually feels – and that is precisely why she beat Kristin out for the Tony. Put this up against the intimate and evocative “For Good” and you’ve got a show which dares you to end either act without tears in your eyes and without the desperate need to love and be hugged.