Craigslist Ad of the Week – Nightmare Catcher ($30)

This nightmare catcher was made from recycled items and has worked great for me until recently… I don’t know if it’s subliminal thought or spiritual mojo, but my wife took it down after a year of being up. She said she thought I didn’t like it for some reason??? (I made it…) I’m not sure I understand this myself yet, but I asked her to put it back up because my dreams had started turning back to nightmares a few days before I’d noticed it was down. When she put it back up my dreams got worse. If anyone’s interested in a nightmare catcher full of nightmares I guess this would be the one for you. I’m not sure what anyone would do with energy like that, but if you’re interested call me at eight-five 0 two-seven 6-5 nine-one-5.

Craigslist Posting ID: 3279794859

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