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The Internet: How NOT to attract Millenials?

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? For me, I generally turn on my phone that lies charging next to my bed. I see what emails have come in between 12AM and 7AM (sadly, there are usually a solid dozen) and then I open Facebook and Twitter to see what’s happening in the lives of those around me. And what’s the last thing I do before going to bed? Generally logging onto Facebook for one final check in before shutting off my phone and turning off the light. More

An Evening with Michael John LaChiusa & Sheridan College

When a musical theatre legend comes to town to see a production of his own show, he must be celebrated! And we were so thrilled to be able to do so for Michael John LaChiusa – composer and lyricist of The Wild Party. LaChiusa arrived in Toronto over the weekend and attended two performances of The Wild Party, facilitated a workshop with this year’s Banks Prize winners and our RBC Apprentice Program performers, and wowed an audience of patrons* and donors with an exclusive Q&A (hosted by Mitchell Marcus), featuring performances from music theatre students at Sheridan College.  More

Six surprising facts about our Wild Party

Another show, another opening. On Friday we put The Wild Party in front of an audience for the first time. I feel that usual combination of excitement and terror. Mostly though, I’m just delighted to share this massive show and its incredible cast with Toronto.

The Wild Party itself has a dramatic history: the original 1928 poem was nationally banned for its risque content, and two different musicals inspired by the poem, both called The Wild Party, both opened in New York City in 2000 (considered to be the first time in Broadway history that’s ever happened). As such, I thought it appropriate to share a few little known – and hopefully interesting – facts about our production of The Wild Party and its own unusual and winding path to arrive at the Berkeley Theatre stage. More

Alessia Lupiano: My Banks Prize experience so far…

Now that rehearsals have begun for The Wild Party, we’re checking in with this year’s Banks Prize recipients to see how their development into musical theatre superstars is going… More

How to get rich fast – don’t work in the arts

Recently I have read several articles, all coming out of the UK, discussing the low income of artists. In her column (which I love) Lyn Gardner suggested that theatre directors have been subsidizing theatre in the United Kingdom, with half of them earning less than £5,000 a year. Susan Jones also recently published an article in The Guardian looking at artists’ fees across several well-developed countries, including Canada, noting that artists are generally paid less than the average national income. In Canada for example, she notes that a typical Canadian artist earned $20,000 per year which is 74% of the national income.