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Unsung Understudies

I was charmed by a Broadway story this week: It Only Takes a Moment: Bette Midler’s Gracious Gesture

Bette Midler – who is apparently the highest paid Broadway star ever, currently leading the revival of Hello, Dolly – allowed Christian Dante White to take the final bow at one of the performances. The reason? White is an understudy and went on in the role of Cornelius with little notice, and little rehearsal and Midler wanted to acknowledge the impressive feat that was his flawless performance. More

Video Roundup: Broadway Songs to Make Your Heart Swell

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the time of year we give ourselves permission to express our love in the loudest, boldest, cheesiest ways possible. Or not, if you’re in a Broadway show, because you’re probably already doing that every single day.

Love is no stranger to musical theatre – in fact, some of the all-time best musical theatre tunes are about romance. To get you in the lovin’ spirit, here are some of our favourite lovey-dovey showtunes. More