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Video Round-Up: The Top Rock Musicals

As we approach the closing weekend of Passing Strange, we reflect on revelatory rock musicals that have changed the face of musical theatre. 

While the possibilities of what to include are endless, we feel the listed musicals made the most significant impact on the world of musical theatre. These show changed the game. More

Triple Threat: Jeigh Madjus

Get to know some of our favourite artists! Triple Threat is a regular feature that reveals which musicals left indelible impressions on the performers, musicians, and actors involved in Acting Up Stage productions. Up next is Jeigh Madjus!

Jeigh’s a Toronto-born grad of Etobicoke School of the Arts and Sheridan College for Music Theatre – Performance, who has appeared in musicals all over Canada and the United States, most recently in David Byrne’s Here Lies Love in New York City.  He’s also an annual feature at our UnCovered concerts, and returns once again for UnCovered: Simon & Garfunkel  this November 3-5. (Until then, we suggest you check out his amazing YouTube channel!) More

Rock Musicals: What Are They Good For?

Ever since I was in my early 20s, I loved any excuse to borrow my parents’ minivan. Equipped with SiriusXM radio, it was my opportunity to roll down the windows and blast showtunes from the “On Broadway” station. (I’m certain you can’t imagine anything cooler than being seen in your parents’ minivan with “Ol’ Man River” blaring).

Looking back 40 years, Broadway music wasn’t always relegated to a very exclusive, expensive spot on the airwaves. In 1975, “Send In The Clowns” hit Number 36 on the US Billboard charts in a cover by Judy Collins. In 1971, “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” reached Number 12 on the Billboard charts in a cover by Helen Reddy. The Beatles recorded Meredith Wilson’s “Till There Was You” in 1963 and they sang it on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964. Barbara Streisand’s version of “People” from Funny Girl reached number five on the Billboard charts in 1964 (four years before the movie came out). The list goes on and on. The farther back in time you go, the more closely aligned Broadway music was with the popular taste.

Looking at 21st century musical theatre, 90% of the time the genre either:

  • Uses existing pop songs that hit big on the radio decades ago
  • Creates original scores that don’t resemble anything that could have been on the radio in the last 40 years.

It’s a fascinating divide given the origins of the form. More

Video Roundup: Happy Pride!

This past week has seen a lot of great moments for the LGBTQ community and their allies – the U.S. legalized gay marriage country-wide, Toronto saw its own Pride festivities reach all-new heights of fun and celebration (not to mention a mayor that actually stuck around for it!). Then, Canada Day let us celebrate this great country that allowed gay marriage nationwide a whopping ten years ago.

But celebrating tolerance and human rights shouldn’t be relegated for only one week every year, or for rare law changes – play these musical showtunes every day, and be your best, truest self all the time!


Video Roundup: Broadway Songs to Make Your Heart Swell

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the time of year we give ourselves permission to express our love in the loudest, boldest, cheesiest ways possible. Or not, if you’re in a Broadway show, because you’re probably already doing that every single day.

Love is no stranger to musical theatre – in fact, some of the all-time best musical theatre tunes are about romance. To get you in the lovin’ spirit, here are some of our favourite lovey-dovey showtunes. More