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Triple Threat with Jeffery Straker

Get to know artists and production team members from our upcoming shows as we get them to dish on their favourite musical influences! Triple Threat is a regular feature in which we interview a performer or production team member, and ask them to recall which musicals or artists left permanent impressions on them.

Unlike the other performers in this year’s UnCovered: Billy Joel and Elton John (coming up November 12-13), Jeffery Straker is not a musical theatre artist first and foremost. Instead, he’s a successful Canadian musician known for his piano-based pop, much like the music of these two classic “piano men” showcased in the concert. As a touring and recording artist for over eight years, he’s the perfect person to reexamine these songs under a new perspective. We talked to him (see previous interviews with Chilina Kennedy and Jake Epstein) to learn more about his musical inspirations.   More