The Year of The Child – A Person Can Develop a Pulled Elbow

A few weeks ago we were at playgroup. My son had just learned to sit unassisted and was playing on the carpet. He was still a bit wobbly, so when he fell onto his back (thankfully with a pillow behind him to catch him), I pulled him back up into sitting position by his arms (something I had done a million times).

Suddenly I heard a crack. And then he wouldn’t stop crying.

I assumed he was maybe just tired. Or hungry. I gave him food. He had a nap. Then I realized that he wasn’t using his left hand.

I rushed him to the doctor. The doctor took one look at him-

“Pulled elbow.”

He manipulated his arm for about 20 seconds (which led to lots of tears) and then declared him fixed. Sure enough, within 2 minutes, he was using his arm again and happy as a clam.

Apparently it’s a common thing to happen. I was told never to pull him by his arms and away we went.

Then yesterday, we were playing on the floor. Again, while sitting on his own, he started to fall over. I caught his body while it was falling and prevented the fall. Phew!

Then the tears started. Was he frightened from almost falling? Was he hungry?

Then I noticed his arm wasn’t moving.

Pulled elbow #2.

At this point, I assumed that Children’s Aid would show up at my door and take my child away. Back to the doctor we went for another 20 second procedure.

When your child gets hurt you get upset. When your child gets hurt and you are partially responsible (even if accidentally) you feel like awarding yourself the “Worst Parent of the Year” award and crawling into a hole.

For those who are curious, here is what the remedy for pulled elbow looks like:

And that is not a video of my family. My son is much smaller, and I am unlikely to wear jean shorts.


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