The Year of The Child – Babies on Board

To post or not to post? That is the question.

I have never liked Facebook. I find it all a little too public – people are constantly updating where they are, and who they are with. I have used it many times to spy on people – has someone who hasn’t returned an email actually been online since I sent it? Did that person from high school ever actually come out? Were rumours of their divorce actually true?

I like Facebook for one thing: theatre promotion. I like reading what shows people are doing, I like to see all of the amateur reviews that people post in their statuses, and – most of all – I like to watch information about our performances go viral (at least on my network) when we have a show running.

So that was my relationship with Facebook – purely professional; a promotional tool at best. And then came babies…

Smile for the social media!

For some reason I can’t stop posting pictures of the babies on Facebook. I don’t know why. I don’t actually enjoy sharing a play by play of my life. I certainly don’t need everyone in the city to be able to recognize my children when we walk down the street. And yet I do it.

Usually the scenario goes like this: The babies do something so incredible cute and there is no one around to see it. My body has an instant reflex – pull out the smart phone, snap a photo, post it to Facebook. Something in me needs to capture that moment and share it with everyone!

Deep down, I know I should stop. Maybe it’s the making of a stage dad. The kids do something cute and rather than just enjoying it quietly, something in me wants to scream at the world “Look at them! Aren’t they amazing?

I give it 5 years before we’re eating chow-mein on the road and rehearsing a dancing cow act. God help us.

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