The Year of The Child – Children and Art

Life sometimes really imitates art. We are deep in rehearsal for Falsettos (which begins in two weeks on April 21. If you haven’t got your tickets yet I would get them fast … it is going to be FANTASTIC!). Two of our amazing performers live in Stratford, Ontario with their families – Stephen Patterson (who plays Marvin) and Glynis Ranney (who plays Trina). Both of them brought me this extraordinary book to look at, written by a woman who lives in Stratford – Alison Wearing.

Alison is also a performer, and she has a book coming out on May 7 called Confessions of a Fairy Daughter. Low and behold, it could have been called – Falsettos, The true story.

Alison grew up in Peterborough. In the late 1970s, when she was 12, her father came out of the closet. Her memoir chronicles her experience of having a gay dad. It follows his story, trying to come to terms with being a gay man and a dad at the same time, and her journey of going from concealing his sexual orientation to proudly accepting him.

It’s a beautiful book, and it couldn’t be coming out (no pun intended) at a more appropriate time for us musical theatre folk who will have just seen Falsettos (hint, hint… buy tickets).

Check out more information on Confessions of a Fairy Daughter here –

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