The Year of The Child – Food, Difficult Food

I seem to be on a blogging kick about eating. Perhaps it’s because feeding babies consumes 6-10 hours of my day on most days.

Our daughter has infant reflux. This is something we figured out when she was a few weeks old. She would be eating her bottle and suddenly cry out in pain, arching her back and refusing to eat anymore. Reflux is a digestive disorder where some of the food flows back up, burning the esophagus. I imagine it hurts babies very much and creates some very ‘not positive’ eating experiences.

I love my children. Very much. But being a parent of a reflux baby is difficult. Intuition says that when a baby is hungry, they will eat. But it’s not the case when it comes to reflux. If she is in pain, she will stop eating, no matter how hungry she is, and she often won’t start eating again for a few hours.

As a result of this, bottle feedings aren’t so fun. We have developed a complex routine that involves trying to feed her as much as possible before the burning starts, and then trying to distract her as much as possible once she is in pain to try to get a little more food into her. This involves bouncing, looking at art, singing, waving toys in front of her face and trying to be as encouraging as possible. Subsequently, feedings take a VERY long time.

So what are my options:

  1. Put LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS on repeat in hopes that the messages of “FEED ME” get to her subliminally.
  2. Embrace her ‘tiny-ness’ and know that she will have the benefit of playing a ‘newborn’ for many years in her theatre career.
  3. ‘Use’ my frustration and develop a one-man fringe show from my pain.
  4. Stop day dreaming about a way to make this a musical theatre problem and go back to feeding my screaming child.


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