The Year of The Child – NYC, What is it about you?

I did something that I hadn’t done for 8.5 months – I spent an overnight away from the kids (3 in fact). I went to New York this past weekend and didn’t see the kids from Thursday night when I put them to bed until Monday morning.

It was – to my surprise – kind of nice! Don’t get me wrong, I cried when I put them to bed on Thursday thinking of how much I’d miss them. But once I was in New York, I quickly reverted back to my “pre-kids” self and enjoyed a little bit of solo time.

Here are the 5 things I most enjoyed of traveling without my kids:

1. Going out. For months now, going out has been challenging. We do go out, but since we always have to relieve a babysitter and since we have to wake up by 6AM to care for the babies, we find ourselves pulling up to our house by 9:30PM latest from our date. We have literally come and gone from parties long before most of the guests even thought to arrive. In New York, I was out until 1 or 2AM, without any repercussions. And it was a lot of fun.

2.    Sleeping. The joy of uninterrupted sleep! The joy of waking up slowly rather than rushing from my bed to the kids. It was glorious.

3.    Seeing shows. It’s been really tough to get out in the evenings to see shows since the kids have been born. But even when I have made it to a show, my mind wonders. What if the nanny is trying to reach me? What if something happened? In New York I was able to be fully present in the shows that I saw and really give them my full undivided attention.

 4.    Conversations. In life right now we talk a lot about babies. Everyone asks about them. Most visits revolve around them. When meeting new colleagues and talking about business, no one knows about the kids and so not one conversation included talk of feeding, diapers or sleep schedules. How refreshing!

 5.    Coming home. The best part of being away without the kids was coming home to them. I was so excited to see them and I was greeted with the most wonderful, excited smile as if to say “We thought you’d never come back and here you are!” And of course, staring at those two little beaming smiles, I forgot all about the fun things of being away from my kids and vowed to never leave home again without them!

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