The Year of The Child – Sick Day

Last week I got sick. Not like ‘sniffle-sniffle’ sick. Like ‘I’m-down-for-the-count’ sick. While I do get a lot of colds (presumably from not ‘taking it easy’ often enough), I am a pretty strong patient. I never miss work. I never cancel meetings. I just plow through (sometimes to the dismay of the person I am meeting with who I am sneezing on). Not this time.

It seemed I had strep throat. It turned out not to actually be strep throat, but it had all of the symptoms and I was on antibiotics because my doctor was so certain that’s what it would be. (What it actually was remains a mystery).

Anyway, I felt terrible. I kept getting fevers and my throat felt like it had daggers running through it. I took my first ‘Acting Up Stage’ sick day in 9 years!

Anyway, it was my first experience being sick as a new parent. And let me tell you, everyone suffered. In the olden days, when I got sick, I could leisurely stay in bed, asking Orrin to bring me soup and juice and waiting to feel better. Not this time. My sickness meant that Orrin was a solo parent. And solo parenting with two babies does not leave anytime for nursing the patient. As well, with twins, there is really more to do than one person is capable of doing. So while we decided I should stay away from the kids to avoid making them sick, I picked up the slack in other areas while Orrin was exclusively caregiving. This meant that as my fever raged, I enjoyed doing the dishes, preparing meals for the kids (with very washed hands) and doing laundry.

Worst of all was that I didn’t get to spend time with the kids all weekend. A real bummer since it’s the thing I most look forward to on my Saturday and Sunday. I could see them from a far, but as they waved or reached out their arms, it took everything in my power to avoid running over and giving them a big hug.

By some weird miracle, it seems (so far) that I kept this thing to myself and no one else has caught it. Thank goodness. Because having our house turned into a solo parent zone proved just how important it is to have two healthy people in charge when it comes to caring for two babies.

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