The Year of The Child – The Final Countdown

 Just a few days left of Falsettos and I have survived my first major foray juggling being a parent and a producer. It wasn’t easy though.

In the past, everyone in my life knew that production time was going to be intense. I have to work long hours and give up all of my evenings and weekends to be at the theatre. But this year, for the first time, there were two little people who didn’t necessarily understand that.

Every extra hour that I had to be working or every emergency meeting resulted in a question – who was going to stay with the kids? We called in the troops over the last month and I am so grateful to everyone, especially mine and Orrin’s parents for spending a lot of time with the kids and freeing up my schedule to be able to be at Falsettos as much as possible.

I also learned that the show can go on without me. I love to be at the theatre – greeting donors, talking to our amazing audience members, and checking in with the cast and creative team. But I learned this year to step back, choose carefully when I need to be around, and trust our amazing team to keep things running smoothly.

Most importantly, the kids didn’t forget me. As hard as it was waking up at 7AM for them after a late night of work, seeing their smiling faces was all I needed to keep my adrenaline going.

So cheers to Falsettos. I am so proud of this show and so delighted that this amazing work about redefining family could take place while I was in the midst of doing the same.

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