The Year of The Child – The world will know

Every Tuesday at Falsettos we have “Choose Your Own Adventure Post-show Chats.” A new initiative at Acting Up Stage this year, it gives audiences the choice of three discussions with field experts. Last week, I was moderating a chat on “Growing Up With Gay Parents”.

One of the attendees grew up with two moms and was telling us her story of how difficult it was to have gay parents, while growing up in suburbia in the late 90s. It sounds like the fact that her mom was a lesbian really played a major role in her socialization during her adolescence.

It got me thinking – I wonder what the impact will be on our kids, having grown up with gay dads? Our kids will be nearly 30 years ahead of this young lady. Has the world changed? Will growing up with gay parents be a normal thing when they hit elementary school? We also live downtown rather than in the suburbs and have several families in our neighbourhood with two moms or two dads. Will that lead to a different level of comfort for our kids?

Inevitably, there are bullies in the world, and they will always find your insecurities. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to hope to that in 10 years the experience of our kids will be different than that of the girl in this discussion? Don’t get me wrong, I hope they don’t get made fun for anything but – being realistic – if they get made fun of, I hope it’s not because our family is unique. I hope that our generation will have taught their children better and raised kids who see heterosexual or same-sex parents, simply as parents.

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