Thomas Tony Tuesdays – 9 to 5

This week I am going to cheat a little bit.  The performance I have chosen is not from the actual Tony Awards broadcast but it is from the pre-broadcast…so that counts…right?

In 2009, the Tony Awards hosted a fantastic event called the “Tony Awards Nomination Concert” a few weeks before the actual awards show.  The focus was to highlight some of the performances that weren’t going to be performed on the main telecast but deserved to be seen. One of those performances was Stephanie J. Block’s rendition of “Get Out and Stay Out” from 9 to 5: the Musical.  I can hear you rolling your eyes…9 to 5…a MUSICAL? Sounds awful. Well, parts of it were, but it features a score from Dolly Parton that has some incredible numbers.  One of those great songs that emerged from the show was Get Out and Stay Out. It’s actually one of my favourite songs in musical theatre and hearing Stephanie J. Block belt her face off is so moving and powerful.  When is she going to get her Tony Award? 

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