Thomas Tony Tuesdays – Catch Me If You Can

Norbert Leo Butz

In Catch Me If You Can, Norbert Leo Butz gave one of the best theatre performances I have ever seen on stage. During his character’s main number Don’t Break The Rules, NLB demonstrates his immense talent for creating character through movement. From my understanding, Jerry Mitchell (choreographer) had NLB come to as many ensemble rehearsals as possible and would ask him to improvise movement as his character. What emerged was this zany and eccentric style of dance that totally encapsulates FBI Agent Carl Hanratty. When I saw this show in New York, a standing ovation erupted following this number (the first time I had ever witnessed this during a show in my entire history of seeing New York theatre). I actually said: “Wow” without realizing I said it when the number finished.  One of the highlights from musical theatre in the past century hands down.

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