Throwback Thursdays – Elenna Mosoff on The Long and Winding Road

Two things came to define Acting Up Stage in the early years of this decade: 1) Our annual concert, in which Reza Jacobs and an all star rotating team of some of Canada’s greatest musical theatre talent reimagine, rearrange and reorchestrate a legendary songbook. 2) Associate Producer Elenna Mosoff, who left last year to pursue her own avenues, but whose inspiration and vision was the propelling force behind our concerts. As we get ready for this year’s UnCovered: Sting & The PoliceElenna takes a moment to reflect on her favorite concert, The Long and Winding Road. 


Elenna Mosoff
 The Long and Winding Road is one of my favourite memories from working at Acting Up Stage.  The songs in the show were woven together with a series of quotes from John Lennon and Paul McCartney that demonstrated the intricacies of their friendship and collaboration. We staged the two actors adjacent to the band and the singers. The effect on stage is what you see in this picture: John and Paul in their own world, working side by side on creating the music we’ve all come to love so deeply. This shot and moment is a mere glimpse into what their collaboration was like, but a great thread for the concert.


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