Throwback Thursdays – Stephen Patterson on Falsettos

You know what happens tomorrow? We have our first preview for our reimagined revival of Elegies: A Song Cycleour hit 2007 production by William Finn. And, in the spirit of good ol’ Bill, here’s Stephen Patterson on last year’s Falsettos – a show and cast that we miss dearly. Like Elegies, Falsettos was full of humour and pathos, wit and wisdom and extraordinary performances and direction. Most importantly, though, how could we ever forget Eric Morin’s short shorts? 

Eric Morin, Stephen Patterson in Falsettos (2013). Photography: Joanna Akyol  

Stephen PattersonThe first emotion this picture brings up is total laughter!!! I remember the day I saw Eric in those TINY shorts and how we all enjoyed the 80’s look of them! Choreographing this scene was a bit tricky as we were set on making sure the “game” made sense. Tim French [our choreographer] was our racquetball guru! What also comes flooding back when I look at this, is how much I adored this show. Roberts vision was so beautiful and yet he was generous enough to help us discover our collective vision. To me this show will always be at the top of the list as one of the best theatre experiences I have ever had. From cast to crew, it was amazing. Thanks Acting Up Stage for taking risks and doing such important and professional work. 
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