Tony Tuesdays – Sugar Babies

This week is a tribute to the one and only Mickey Rooney (and the amazing Ann Miller)!

Sugar Babies was an homage to burlesque and traditional vaudevillian routines that ran for 1,208 performance on Broadway between 1979 and 1982. The show was broken down into scenes (with titles including “A Memory of Burlesque”, “Girls and Garters” and  “Tropical Madness”) that often ended in song (“Cuban Love Song”, Immigration Rose” and “Let Me Be Your Sugar Baby” to name a few). It was nominated for eight Tony Awards, but failed to win any.

The zany, fast paced nature of the show offered a high entertainment value- and plenty of “hoofin’”- that delighted audiences. The Americana finale number featured the entire chorus in red, white and blue costumes with Ann Miller front and centre dressed as the Statue of Liberty. The heart of the show was the undeniable chemistry between Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller (his impish ways and her statuesque vivacity) that is on great display in The Tony performance, it captures what a high energy romp the production must have been.  So much fun!!!

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