Britta & Anika Johnson at a workshop performance of Dr. Silver. Photo by Dahlia Katz (2018)


NoteWorthy unites Canadian playwrights and composers and gives them a creative environment in which to collaborate and experiment. Composers, lyricists, and playwrights are selected to explore artistic collaboration in a writing laboratory. Experts in musical composition, lyric and book writing are brought in to work with the participants who experiment with different collaborators. This training program is offered to Canadian artists annually through a national call-for-submissions. 

2018-19 Participants

Fatuma Adar
Shannon Currie
Ellen Denny
Kanika Ambrose
Nam Nguyen
Rose Napoli
Njo Kong Kei
Alice Lin
Avery Jean Brennan
Aaron Jenson
Suzy Wilde

Joseph Tritt 



Alumni of NoteWorthy include:


Maja Ardal
Liza Balkan
Marjorie Chan
Anna Chatterton
Chris Craddock
Sara Farb
Steven Gallagher
Amiel Gladstone
Beth Graham
Andrew Kushnir
Rosa Laborde
Matt Murray
Alex Poch-Goldin
Tracey Power
Erin Shields
Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
Julie Tepperman
Vern Thiessen


Colleen Dauncey
Dorothy Dittrich
Zachary Florence
Bram Gielen
Reza Jacobs
Britta Johnson
Bryce Kulak
Yan Li
Anton Lipovetsky
Kieren MacMillian
Andrew Penner
Dustin Peters
Nicky Phillips
Akiva Romer-Segal
Adam Sakiyama
Kevin Wong