Inspired by true events from 1915 in New York, KELLY v. KELLY reveals the story of a mother and daughter divided by passion, money and what it means to be a woman at a…

May 26 - June 18, 2023
Canadian Stage Berkeley Street Theatre
One Song Glory

In Person: Fall 2022

It’s better with music.

The Musical Stage Company is the largest and leading charitable musical theatre company in Canada. Established in 2004 as Acting Up Stage Company, we strive to make Canada a leader in musical theatre.

We believe it’s better with music.

We are inspired by music’s unique ability to viscerally affect people and are committed to cultivating experiences – onstage and off – that transform lives, build empathy and create community through musical theatre.

The Musical Stage Company is building Canada’s Musical Theatre Culture.

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Reza Jacobs | An Ode To UNCOVERED

This week on the blog, The Musical Stage Company sat down with an artist who has been the creative force behind UnCovered for the past 16 years – Reza Jacobs. Get…

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