MAY 28 - JUNE 10, 2022

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Dillan Meighan Chiblow. Photo by Dahlia Katz, Design by Sherpa Creative


Infusing the city with explosive street parties, interactive jam sessions, and surprise performances, MUSICAL MOMENTS brings pop-up experiences into Toronto communities by harnessing the imagination and creativity of artists. 7 different Musical Moments developed by local artists will bring a series of performances and creative experiences across the city. 

Running May 28 – June 10, MUSICAL MOMENTS explores The Musical Stage Company’s MARQUEE theme of ‘Turning Points’. All projects will be unique interpretations of establishing roots, discovering dreams, and building futures.  Want to catch them all? Join us on June 11 & 12 as our MUSICAL MOMENTS take over Toronto’s High Park for a weekend of musical joy and wonderment. Learn about each unique Musical Moment in the tab above.

Tickets for MUSICAL MOMENTS are on sale now! All MUSICAL MOMENTS performances and activities are complimentary, ensuring access for all. Click here to secure your complimentary ticket.


Program Sponsor
William J.S. Boyle, C.M.


The Musical Stage Company presents MUSICAL MOMENTS

Mobile Mini Powwow

Dillan Meighan Chiblow (He/They)

Anthony Gladue (he/him)

Kehew Buffalo (he/him)

Sprucecourt Shorts: A Musical!

Artist Collaborator
Jennifer Villaverde (she/her)

Artist Collaborator
Maria Aragon (she/her)

Artist Collaborator
Kodie Rollan (he/him)

Sprucecourt Public School Collaborator
Ryan Anderson

Senior Education Manager (Young People's Theatre)
Molly Gardner

Songs of Hope (A Travelling Clown Show)

Artist Collaborator
Braeden Soltys (he/him)

Artist Collaborator
Lizzie Song (she/her)

Artist Collaborator
Russel Von Niessen (he/they)

Artist Collaborator
Kryslyne (she/her)

Live Band Karaoke For The Community

Artist Collaborator
Paul Moody (he/him)

The Say Your Peace Show 2022: Jamming Through the Pain

Artist Name: B1GJuice
Tyreek Phillips (he/him)

Band member: BitterxBroke
Aaron Diaz (he/him)

Band member: BitterxBroke
Yoshinori Aoyama (he/him)

Band member: BitterxBroke
Justin Javier (he/him)

Artist Collaborator
Carray Hammond (he/him)

The Year I Learned to Skate... Again

Artist Collaborator
Sharron Matthews (she/her)


Joey O'Dael (they/them)

Annelise Hawrylak (she/they)


Frequently Asked Questions


When do tickets go on sale? How do I order ticket(s) for my show? How will I receive my ticket(s)?

Tickets for MUSICAL MOMENTS are on sale now! All MUSICAL MOMENTS performances and activities are complimentary, ensuring access for all. Click here to secure your complimentary ticket.

Tickets purchased online will be received through the email account used to purchase the tickets, and can be scanned upon entry for on-stage shows.

Questions? Please contact Nick Fassbender (Events & Audiences Services Associate) at

What is the schedule of the concert series?

Each Musical Moment has a unique schedule based on the availability of the artists. Please visit the calendar tab to see a more in-depth performance schedule.

Is the performance appropriate for children?

Each Musical Moment can vary depending on their content and audience. If you’re still unsure based on their show summary, please contact the show creators directly; those with available social media profiles will be listed.

Are there washrooms available on site?

Each Musical Moment will vary in accordance to their venue’s accommodations and guidelines.

Due to the (mainly) outdoor nature of MUSICAL MOMENTS, most projects may not have guaranteed washroom availability.

Is this Musical Moment venue accessible?

Each Musical Moment will have a venue that may vary in levels of accessibility. Once tickets are on sale, please see our calendar tab for more information on each of the various projects’ venue locations.

Have more questions about our Musical Moments‘ accessibility measures? Please email Alethea Bakgeorge (Accessibility Manager) at

How is The Musical Stage Company ensuring the safety of the performers and audience ensuring the event adheres to social distancing protocol as outlined by Public Health?

The Musical Stage Company has been in touch directly with Toronto Public Health. We have established detailed plans to ensure the safety of performers and patrons.  Including but are not limited to:

  • Physical distancing will always be enforced
  •  Strict safety guidelines will be established and maintained throughout all Musical Moments.
  • Patrons & staffed venues will be contacted on the day of the concert to ensure no one in the host dwelling is feeling unwell. The concert will be postponed if anyone at the host dwelling is showing any symptoms of illness.
  • The Artists and Stage Manager will be contacted on the day of the concert to ensure no one is feeling unwell. The performance/activity will be postponed if anyone is showing any symptoms of illness.
  • The Stage Manager will be equipped with disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer at all times.

Have a question about our safety protocols? Please email

What should I do if I am feeling unwell in advance of my performance?

Please do not attend if you have a fever or are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, have tested positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of attending, or if you have had close contact with anyone suspected or confirmed of having Covid-19.

Need to reschedule for Covid-related reasons? Please contact Nick Fassbender (Events & Audiences Services Associate) at

What is the cancellation policy?

All MUSICAL MOMENTS projects are complimentary (100% free) and don’t require any payments to see a performance.

The Musical Stage Company will be in contact with all MUSICAL MOMENTS artists, but the choice to cancel or postpone a concert is up to the discretion of the artists & our staff. Musical Moments may be postponed or cancelled as close as 3 hours in advance of the performance/activity, due to weather or COVID-related matters. If the concert needs to be canceled for the selected date, The Musical Stage Company will contact registered patrons via email as soon as possible to notify them.

I have a question about MUSICAL MOMENTS or the performance schedule, who do I contact?

Show Calendar


Please see a list of the 2021-22 MUSICAL MOMENTS projects listed below. Complimentary tickets are now available.
Please click here to secure your complimentary ticket.



  • [Producer/Director] Dillan Meighan Chiblow (he/they)
  • [Singer/Storyteller] TBA
  • [Dancer/Storyteller] Kehew Buffalo (he/him)


A Mobile Mini Powwow, produced by Dillan Meighan Chiblow, will be offered in outdoor public space popping up in different corners of the city! The aim is to share Indigenous joy through dance and music, with audience members encouraged to participate through dancing. At each Mobile Mini Powwow, multiple dancers and singers will use a mix of live hand drumming and pre-recorded music to bring the mini powwow to life!



  • Jennifer Villaverde (she/her)
  • Maria Aragon (she/her)
  • Kodie Rollan (he/him)


Jennifer, Maria, and Kodie will take excerpts from original plays written by the super-talented students of Sprucecourt Public School and infuse them with music.  Jennifer & Maria will perform these songs armed only with a couple handy instruments and their love of musical theatre.  Original plays were created as part of the Young People’s Theatre Sprucecourt Playwriting Festival Program facilitated by artist Paula Wing.

SONGS OF HOPE: A Traveling Clown Show


  • Braeden Soltys (he/him)
  • Lizzie Song (she/her)
  • Russel Von Niessen (he/they)
  • Kryslyne (she/her)


Songs of Hope (A Travelling Clown Show) will see four artists with original songs, and musical performances tour Toronto’s parks, streets, and shops this summer. The clowns will travel the city bearing music, and gifts, and hopefully, we’ll meet up along the way!



  • Paul Moody (he/him) and friends


Live band Karaoke for the Dufferin Grove community welcomes people of all ages and skill sets to come together and unleash their inner theatre and rock star. Choose from a list of solos or small and large group songs that the band will have prepared, or bring sheet music to your favourite songs to perform!



  • [Artist Name: B1GJuice] Tyreek Phillips (he/him)
  • [Band member: BitterxBroke] Aaron Diaz (he/him)
  • [Band member: BitterxBroke] Yoshinori Aoyama (he/him)
  • [Band member: BitterxBroke] Justin Javier (he/him)
  • [Artist Name: Ray HMND] Carray Hammond (he/him)


SAY YOUR PEACE is an interactive jam session and community-driven concert series crafted by Toronto’s Bitter Juice Collective specifically for the Musical Stage Company’s MUSICAL MOMENTS initiative. As the name suggests, this jam session is built to uplift and celebrate underrepresented voices of young artists and the arts community in Toronto. This year’s show, titled JAMMING THROUGH THE PAIN, will include live music performances by the Bitter Juice Collective, accompanied by a free-to-participate audience jam session, as well as an interactive graffiti wall for audience members and artists to describe their thoughts and feelings.



  • [Producer/Musician] Joey O’Dael (they/them)
  • [Producer/Musician] Annelise Hawrylak (she/they)
  • Dillan Chiblow (he/they)
  • Starr Domingue (she/her)
  • Madeleine Eddy (she/her)
  • Phoebe Hu (she/her)
  • Rosanna Saracino (she/her)
  • Haneul Yi (he/him)


Inspired by a fascination with museums, theme parks, and that summer we all tried PokémonGo, MusicalWheres is a sonic scavenger hunt exploring one of the most distinct Musical Moments in Toronto’s rich cultural history: Yorkville in the 1960s. Equipped with cryptic clues and an annotated map, audiences will venture through Yorkville discovering QR codes to unlock exclusive new covers of beloved Canadian folk hits featuring local talent.

Ways to explore: 

  1. Hard Mode: Follow clues released on social media to unlock musical treasure on an all-ages musical scavenger hunt (no shovel required). 
  2. Story Mode: Use our annotated map to plan an afternoon stroll with a sprinkling of history peppered along your route. 

Accessible, gender-inclusive washrooms are indicated on an annotated map, also available in a spoiler-free form. A suggested route with curb cuts at each sidewalk break will also be available. 



  • Sharron Matthews (she/her)


What would it be like to go back and learn things…again…after you’ve had the chance to live and fall and get back up a hundred thousand times when you realize that you aren’t failing if you aren’t good at something the very first time you try it… Like taking the chance on telling someone you love them and letting it not be totally devastating if they don’t love you back…or let it be. Or walking onto the ice skating rink and admitting that you need to hold onto someone’s offered hand until you get better at skating.

Through music and her own distinctive style of storytelling, Sharron Matthews comes back to cabaret for the first time in three years, and wonders if maybe you can go back 30 years later and learn to skate…again.


Tickets for MUSICAL MOMENTS are on sale now! All MUSICAL MOMENTS performances and activities are complimentary, ensuring access for all. Click here to secure your complimentary ticket.

Patrons are required to secure their complimentary seats via The Musical Stage Company box office to ensure safety protocols can remain in effect.

Questions? Please contact Nick Fassbender (Events & Audiences Services Associate) at


MUSICAL MOMENTS will follow Toronto Public Health Guidelines and will remain in accordance with Ontario Public Health Guidelines and Ontario’s Framework for COVID-19. 

  • All Musical Stage Company personnel and Artists will be masked at all times when indoors.
  • Performing artists may remove their masks while singing or performing.
  • Physical distance (6 ft / 2m) will be maintained at all times 
  • A Distance of 6 ft will separate the audience members from the artists during the performance
  • Gathering sizes will be in accordance with current Public Health Guidelines 

Please do not attend if you have a fever or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of attending, or if you have had close contact with anyone suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19.

All residents and visitors of Toronto must follow the City of Toronto’s current Public Health regulations.
Click here to view the current Public Health Regulations for the City of Toronto.


Graphic of "Safe travels" Stamp by World Travel & Tourism Councilbadge from

The Musical Stage Company has been awarded a #SafeTravels Stamp by WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council), for adopting health and hygiene global standardized protocol.



Several MUSICAL MOMENTS performances will feature ASL interpretation for audience members who are d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing. There will be an interpreter at the following shows:

Friday June 3 at 100 Symes Rd, York, ON: SAY YOUR PEACE 6-10:30 PM 

Saturday June 4 in Trinity-Bellwoods Park: MOBILE MINI POW-WOW 1-2 PM 

Monday June 6 in Withrow Park: SPRUCECOURT SHORTS 4:30-5:40 PM

Thursday June 9 in Carlton Park: THE YEAR I LEARNED TO SKATE… AGAIN 7:30-8:30 PM

There will also be ASL-interpreted performances at our MUSICAL MARKETPLACE weekend:

Saturday June 11 and Sunday June 12 in High Park:





If you have any questions about ASL interpretation or other accessibility concerns, please contact Accessibility Coordinator Tia Lunn directly by email at, or by phone at (416) 927-7880 ext. 239.