The Musical Stage Company presented Fiona Sauder & Jordan Laffrenier’s SONGBIRD SERIES in Summer 2020!

The songs we cherish are deeply personal, and our relationship to their significance has the ability to move us, comfort us, and connect us to others. In this time, we need more than ever to carve out new avenues for connection.

The Songbird Series connects people through music, offering personalized performances, recorded by musicians from around the world, sent to those who have little access to personal connection in this time of isolation.

Express your need to connect. Nominate someone you know, someone you love, someone who deserves a connection. Through this nomination, you have the opportunity to gift your chosen recipient with a video message of a song they cherish, recorded by an artist from our roster.

Our hope is that these video recordings will conjure a bit of light in these dark times and offer a reminder that we remain in one another’s thoughts, for those most in need of a little love



The Songbird Series is Co-Founded by Jordan Laffrenier and Fiona Sauder

Participating Artists

Featured Performers
Emily Afton, Colin Asuncion, Jordan Barrow, Ann Paula Bautista, Alicia Barban, Georgia Bennett, Sophie Bijjani, Michelle Bouey, Jewelle Blackman, Alessandro Costantini, Belinda Corpuz, Duncan Cox, Joel Cumber, Jake Deeth, Camila Diaz-varela, James Daly, Beau Dixon, Landon Doak, Stephan Ermel, Kelsey Falconer, Eva Foote, Greg Gale, Jessica Gallant, Julia Gartha, Hailey Gillis, Reza Jacobs, Raha Javanfar, Stevie Joffe, Britta Johnson, Joceyln June, Jacob Keith, Jordan Laffrenier, Richard Lam, Steph Larochelle, Lawrence Libor, Noah Macdougal, Joe Matheson, Liam Mcardle, Tracy Michailidis, Amy Nostbakken, Lydia Persaud, Trevor Patt, Kale Penny, Pater, Mike Ross, Chelsea Russell, Vanessa Sears, Fiona Sauder, Lee Seigle, Alicia Toner, Chris Tsujiuchi, Astrid Van Wieren, Tahirih Vejdani, Kesley Verzotti, Kevin Wong, Yarro.


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