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Highlights from And 5, 6, 7, 8!

Anyone who came out to the Drake Underground on a rainy Sunday night knows that there ain’t no party like a musical theatre party – where you’ll see anything from a classic Liza number, to techno remix of “Defying Gravity,” to a video of Cher as every single character from West Side Story. But for those who missed it, here’s a little sample of the highlights from April 19, and to get you excited already for next year.

From the playlist of David Keeley, Co- Artistic Director of Theatre 20.

“Cabaret” – Cabaret

“Pinball Wizard” – Tommy

“One Night in Bangkok” – Chess


From the playlist of George Randolph, President and Founder of Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts.

“Defying Gravity (Kerry Ellis Dance Remix)” – Wicked

“Steal Your Rock’n’Roll” – Memphis

“I Feel the Earth Move” – Beautiful


From the playlist of Mitchell Marcus, Artistic Director of Acting Up Stage Company.

“Turkey Lurkey Time” – Promises, Promises

“Tonight (performed by Cher)” – West Side Story

“My Body” – The Life


From the playlist of Michael Rubinoff, Associate Dean of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, Sheridan College.

“Popular Song ft. Ariana Grande” – Mika

“Candy Store” – Heathers

“You Can’t Stop the Beat” – Hairspray