Category: Producing Notes

Graphic of a black guitar silhouette against a green background with 3 mosquitos on and in the guitar. Text to the left reads, "In conversation with / The Mulligans." Rows of varying green trees run along the bottom of the image. The Musical Stage Logo sits in the top left corner.

This week we sat down with The Mulligans (the Creative Team & Cast) of STILLWATER SCHOOL FOR MOSQUITOS, to learn more about their collaborative history, their inspirations for this musical’s…

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A background of the Toronto skyline silhouette runs along the bottom, against a blue, star filled galaxy sky. Centered is a circular headshot and text. The headshot is a smiling white woman (Ann Hodges), with a white glow around the circle edge. Bold white text to the right of the image reads, "In conversation with / Ann Hodges."

This week we sat down with BLACKOUT Director and Dramaturg Ann Hodges, to learn more about her experience developing and workshopping this new Canadian musical, and how they’ve pivoted their…

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