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Applications are now open for Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators.

This third-party recommender program assists Ontario-based professional theatre creators, and informal collectives of creators, by funding them to create and/or further develop new work. While the funding comes from the Ontario Arts Council, applications are made to, and funding decisions are made by, the theatre companies enrolled in the program. The Musical Stage Company is proud to be enrolled as a Recommender.

Through this granting program, The Musical Stage Company will fund any type of musical theatre creation or development activity submitted by eligible applicants.  You can request an amount between $1000-$3000 for your project.

Applications are due at 1PM EST on December 6, 2022. Applications must be made through the Ontario Arts Council’s online application portal (NOVA). You must register for a NOVA account to apply.

Please refer to the Ontario Arts Council website for full program and application guidelines.

For any questions, please email Victoria Wang, Artistic Development Associate, at


We are seeking new musical theatre work that uses music to illuminate the human condition and where the music is integral to the emotional journey of the storytelling. As a collaborative art form with complex and intricate craft required for each discipline involved, preference is given to musical theatre works written by teams who each specialize in a particular area (e.g. book, music, lyrics) rather than a single artist who attempts all three components.


You are eligible if you are:

You must meet the eligibility criteria found in the Program Guidelines on the Ontario Arts Council website.

You are not eligible if you are:


You may request an amount between $1,000-$3,000* for your project.

What our Recommender Grant funds:

What this program does not fund:

The activities for which you are requesting funding:

*Note: Grant amounts are typically under $3000 to best accommodate as many applicants  as possible. If successful, you may receive less than your requested amount. You cannot apply to this program if you have an overdue final report in any OAC grant program.


Applications are submitted through the Ontario Arts Council’s online application program (NOVA). Interested applicants must register for a NOVA account to apply. The deadline to submit your application for the Musical Stage Company is December 6, 2022 at 1pm EST

You should submit the following supporting materials in addition to the project description and Artistic Merit questions on NOVA:

Please note that recommenders no longer notify applicants about grant results. All applicants will be notified by OAC through their Nova account.

If you receive a grant you must submit a final report in Nova upon completion of the project. See Terms and Conditions — receipt of OAC project grant funds for more information on reporting obligations. 

For full application details and to register for a NOVA account please visit the Ontario Arts Council website here.