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The Musical Stage Company is thrilled to be joining forces with an award-winning creative team and an exceptional cast of Canadian performers to bring you UNCOVERED: NOTES FROM THE HEART, a Digital Musical Film Experience. 

We have assembled a list of your most ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ in our latest blog post, which will help you understand the logistics behind this unique concert experience. Read more below!

What is UnCovered?

Now in its 14th edition, UnCovered is The Musical Stage Company’s annual signature concert event. Normally held annually at Koerner Hall in Toronto, UNCOVERED: NOTES FROM THE HEART will be offered digitally in 2020.

This first-ever digital UnCovered concert will allow the company to introduce audiences around the world to this signature event. Professionally filmed and recorded, this made-for-digital evening will include an acclaimed mix of artists with a professional band led by the incomparable Reza Jacobs.

Juno Award-Winner Divine Brown

What will the concert entail?

Featuring the same high-quality arrangements, orchestrations, sound, and musicianship that audiences have come to expect from UNCOVERED live, UNCOVERED: NOTES FROM THE HEART will be an up close and personal audio & visual feast, taking you into the worlds and hearts of Canada’s finest artists.

UNCOVERED: NOTES FROM THE HEART will be recorded professionally with an audio engineer in one of Toronto’s acoustically stunning recording studios

How long is the digital concert?

The evening will include 10 pre-recorded musical performances featuring an acclaimed ensemble of artists with a professional band led by the incomparable Reza Jacobs and will last for a total of approximately 45 minutes with no intermission.

Dora Award-Nominee Hailey Gillis

Will I be able to watch the stream after the outlined curtain time listed on my digital ticket?

The link we provide you with prior to your show date will go live at 8PM EST regardless of where you are watching from. This link will be live for a total of 4 hours after that.

Will I only be able to watch the concert once?

Yes, each ticket gives the patron a unique video link for their performance date of choice. Once the concert has finished, the video will no longer be available to patrons. If you have missed the concert time that is on your ticket, please email

What are the technical requirements for viewing the streamed concert?

Access to a computer with an internet connection. The streamed video will be online and does not require any additional applications.

My computer / internet won’t connect and I’ve missed my concert date, what now?

Please contact for a technical support.



This 30-minute experience is open to groups of 8 or more. Each nightly experience includes a separate video call link to ensure your group has a private space to gather and share space. In addition, members of The Musical Stage Company team and UNCOVERED performers will join the call to offer exciting information about the digital concert experience and an UNCOVERED performer will give an exclusive live performance. One Group Experience booking per night.


This 30-minute experience is open to single ticket purchases, running on Saturday evening performances. Each experience includes a private video call link, a Q&A with a member of The Musical Stage Company team, exclusive behind-the-scenes information about the creation of the digital concert experience and an UNCOVERED performer will give an exclusive live performance.


Deep Dive Dinners are an opportunity to connect with ourselves and those around us through a lively, multi-faceted conversation, in a style of conversation you often don’t have, and might not know you’re longing for.  We seek not to solve or come to consensus around our topics, but rather to give them space, breath, and perspective that you might not otherwise get in your day to day existence, or in your immediate circles.Similar to the performer’s process of diving deep into the meaning of a role or song for performance, a Deep Dive Dinner is your chance to deep dive into the experience of being alive right now in this moment of great change.Deep Dive Dinners will cover the topic of ‘Community & Change’ and includes a delivered dinner to each participant and a ticket to UnCovered on the evening of your choice. Maximum of 12 participants per Deep Dive Dinner.

Deep Dive Dinners are offered by Elenna Mosoff and & The Mission Business Inc. Deep Dive Dinners are offered Wednesday – Sunday, running 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm in advance of each performance. 

Tempura/Getty Images

Can I add a Pre-Show Party Experience on to an existing group booking?

Yes. Following payment, we can adjust a ticket to include ANY of the add-on experiences listed above.

Can I request a specific UnCovered performer for my pre-show party?

We are happy to take your requests but unfortunately cannot guarantee artists’ availability for your requested date. These requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Jazz Legend Jackie Richardson

Will the Deep Dive Dinners take into account my group’s dietary restrictions?

Yes, there will be a delicious food option that caters to the dietary restrictions of all Deep Dive Dinner guests.

What if I miss the delivery of my meal for my Deep Dive Dinner?

We will be sending out a Deep Dive Dinner form to anyone who has booked a dinner. There you can choose your preference for when your meal is delivered, and it will be delivered within that window.

What can I do If my group is interested in a Deep Dive Dinner, but one, or some, of our guests don’t live in the GTA?

We will be sending out a Deep Dive Dinner form to anyone who has booked a dinner. There you can include your postal code, and if you are outside of the GTA we will facilitate a delicious meal from a restaurant in your area, to be delivered to your door.

Broadway’s Sara Farb

If I purchase virtual tickets for my group, do they all have to be for the same performance date?

Group tickets do not need to be purchased for the same performance date. If you are booking a group add-on experience, only one experience will be offered for the date of your choice.