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Introducing our third Crescendo Series artist, Kevin Wong!

Following the recent hit run of UNCOVERED: FLEETWOOD MAC & THE EAGLES, which saw Kevin Wong take over as the creative visionary behind our beloved annual concert series for the first time, we are thrilled to announce that Kevin will be the third artist to participate in our groundbreaking The Crescendo Series residency program.

First introduced in February of 2017 as part of a major company expansion, The Crescendo Series offers an unprecedented career breakthrough to a composer of musical theatre in Canada through the multi-year residency and commitment to produce multiple original musicals by the artist.

In addition to the production commitment, Kevin’s residency will include an annual bursary, dramaturgical support, and international advocacy and promotion. Audiences can get a sneak peek of his musical IN REAL LIFE as part of The Musical Stage Company’s Canadian Festival of New Musicals in May 2024; Kevin is also currently developing the musical SOFT MAGICAL TOFU BOYS with Musical Stage as well. 

“I first came to Musical Stage Company in 2014, right after quitting the practice of law to pursue a full-time career in musical theatre. The company embraced me wholeheartedly, fostering my training as a young composer, lyricist, dramaturge, and arts administrator. It is a beautiful culmination to now be the incoming Crescendo artist at this theatre company that I artistically ‘grew up’ with.”Kevin Wong

“Kevin has an uncanny ability to tap into the collective human experience and create musical works that profoundly speak to the complex layers of contemporary life. His music and artistry are a compelling blend of intellect and emotion that awakens both mind and heart, leaving those who experience his work forever changed. We couldn’t be more excited to have him join our Crescendo Series residency program and for future audiences to experience his original works for the first time.”Ray Hogg, Artistic Director of The Musical Stage Company.

A composer/lyricist, singer/musician, and dramaturge, Kevin’s previous musicals include RECURRING JOHN: A SONG CYCLE; STAR!(VING): A COLLECTION OF SONGS; POLLY PEEL (with Julie Tepperman); OUT OF STOCK; DRAMA 101 (with Steven Gallagher); and IN REAL LIFE (with Nick Green). In addition to working with the company as Artistic Associate, Kevin previously participated in Musical Stage’s inaugural Noteworthy program. He is a member of the vocal group Asian Riffing Trio (with Chris Tsujiuchi and Colin Asuncion) and is also currently a faculty member at Sheridan College.

Kevin is also a two-time winner of the Playwrights Guild of Canada’s Tom Hendry Award for Best New Musical. His can be heard on the live album, UnCovered: The Music of ABBA (with The Musical Stage Company), and his own albums Small Ways to Move and Covers (available on streaming services everywhere).

The inaugural Crescendo Series artist was Britta Johnson, who saw musicals LIFE AFTER, DR. SILVER: A CELEBRATION OF LIFE, and the recent KELLY v. KELLY, produced by The Musical Stage Company. LIFE AFTER has since gone on to have critically acclaimed runs at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego and at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. Anton Lipovetsky was added to the program in 2020 and his musical BLACKOUT was produced in the summer of 2021. Toronto audiences will also get a sneak peek of Anton’s next musical in development, COWBOY TEMPEST CABARET, during the Canadian Festival of New Musicals in May 2024.

For more information about our Crescendo Series Program, click here.